Exotic Curly

Our 100% Virgin Brazilian Exotic Curly texture is a MUST HAVE!! The texture is unbelievably gorgeous and is a well-known customer favorite. This hair texture is for the Luxy Babe who wants to spice things up and feel exotic. Our Exotic Curly texture is trendy, irresistible and SO enticing. The hair is so versatile because when wet and dry, the hair can give 2 different looks. Exotic Curly can be for the Luxy Babe who loves big, voluptuous curls full of body (when dry) or it can be for the Luxy Babe who loves flattering, fierce, long curls (when wet). This hair is perfect for the wet hair look you see on celebrities such as the Queen Bey, Rihanna and our favorite hot girl—Megan Thee Stallion. The Exotic Curly texture is absolutely perfect for the beach, pool, Jacuzzi, spa, water parks and more. You CANNOT go wrong with Exotic Curly!