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How to Maintain Your Luxy Life Hair

14 Dec 2023

Luxy Life Hair Extensions are a game-changer when it comes to achieving your dream hair. They provide you more length, volume, and versatility, which makes it simpler to try a range of hairstyles. However, to keep them looking great and lasting a long time, hair extensions need the same maintenance as your actual hair. Here are 5 tips for maintaining your Luxy Life Hair Extensions:


Brush Your Hair Extensions Regularly: Brush your hair extensions frequently with a soft-bristled brush to prevent tangling and matting. Gently work your way up from the bottom of your hair to the roots. To avoid damage, refrain from brushing your hair when it’s wet.


Properly Wash Your Extensions: Wash your hair extensions frequently with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep them looking new and feeling fresh. To prevent tangling, avoid using hot water and carefully massage the shampoo into your hair. Thoroughly rinse your hair extensions, then use a deep conditioner to rehydrate them.


Choose Heat Free Styling: Although Luxy Life Hair Extensions are heat-resistant, overheating can lead to breakage and damage. Use heat styling tools sparingly and always use a heat protectant before heat styling. When possible, choose low-heat or let your hair air-dry!


Store Your Hair Extensions Properly: When you're not wearing your hair extensions, store them carefully in a cool, dry location. To keep them free of dust and tangling, store them in a box or storage bag. Keep your hair extensions out of the sun's direct rays to prevent fading and discoloration.


Always Wear Your Bonnet: Bonnets are life savers! Not only do you get better sleep with them, your bonnet will protect your hair from fizziness, breakage and maintains moisture. It’s an absolute necessity to sleep with your bonnet every single night. Check out our “Bonnets for Baddies” using this link-

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